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Caterbook is a modern, cloud based hotel property management system, 
ideally suited for independent hotels, pubs and inns with up to 60 rooms.

What features do you look for in property management systems?

Easy to learn, easy onboarding, easy to use 

We packed Caterbook full of time saving features, but what would be the point if it was so complicated that hotel managers spend the next year scratching their head, wondering how to change the price for Saturday? Caterbook really is an easy to use cloud hotel pms with it's own channel management! And we can get you up and running quickly, in most cases we can import forward bookings from your current provider.

Free trial

Get a free trial of our hotel PMS software! No card details required. Contact us and and get started with your Caterbook trial now. We'll take some details and create your account.  The trial account can be set live if you choose to migrate to Caterbook and is all the tools you'll need.

Front desk

The dashboard in our property management system is designed to help hoteliers get an overview of new inbound third party reservations, the day's check ins and departures as well as the number of rooms available to sell - in real time and all in one place. Hotel staff can easily manage administrative tasks like printing registration forms on arrival, or invoices prior to departure.

Back office

The Caterbook hotel management system incorporates the reporting of standard hospitality industry metrics including RevPAR, Average Daily Rate, and Direct Revenue Ratio. With role based user access, you can select which staff are able to view reports, edit room rates, close out availability. Guest data is stored securely, and our messaging centre enables properties to create and schedule custom email and SMS messages to guests.

Channel manager

The Caterbook channel manager is an integral part of our hotel PMS software - not a third party add-on. Changes to room inventory and pricing are pushed in real time to distribution channels and the GDS, connected with our own native integrations, and we also have additional booking channels available through our connection with TXGB.

Reservations are imported into the property management software and assigned to a room automatically. Our channel manager runs in the background, updating automatically without you having to do anything.

Online reservations

Take commission free reservations with our online booking engine, which is optimised for guests using a mobile device.

Room availability is linked in real time with the pms software and includes the ability to upsell extra items, and offer promotional codes to encourage guests to book direct. As well as codes to discount pricing, you can also give away freebies like a bottle of prosecco on arrival, and restrict the codes to certain date ranges with our web booking engine.

Payment processing

Our hotel management software includes Caterpay, our integrated PCI compliant payment gateway. You can charge guests making a reservation over the phone as well as take deposits or card for security on your website. Caterpay will also securely store card details passed into Caterbook by your connected sales channels, enabling you to charge any deposit or verify the card is good through the banking system.

Revenue management

Caterbook forms an important part of a properties revenue management systems. Our granular dynamic pricing rules allow you to configure different settings for each room type within each rate plan, meaning that when the number of remaining rooms meets a threshold, pricing changes are applied automatically but selectively. Additionally, you can choose to transmit different pricing to online travel agents and send SMS messages to resident guests for value added upselling. 

Guest relationship management

Send pre arrival emails to collect guest registration information for reduced contact in reception. Create templates to collect (verify) credit card data for each hotel guest within a multi room group booking. Enhance the guest experience with scheduled email and SMS templates to be sent before, during and post stay to increase engagement, maximise revenue opportunities and encourage repeat direct booking. 

Corporate bookings

Create specific partner-only rates for your regular business clients. Split the room bill between the employer (accommodation) and guest (point of sale food & drink items posted to the room) by invoicing each individually. Our hotel pms software enables you to generate and email regular statements to your corporate partners summarising bookings and payments.

Hotel booking software

Caterbook is modern cloud based hotel booking software. Combining front office and back office features, with links to EPOS systems for posting food and drink items to the room for settlement on checkout. Advanced group booking management features include the ability to invoice rooms and EPOS charges separately in the case of corporate bookings, and storing card details for each room within the group booking individually.

Event and function booking

New in 2022, Caterbook now offers an optional events and functions booking module in our hotel pms software, which enables properties to configure their dedicated function spaces, add in event specific catering and extra items, create in-house itinerary sheets and store additional documents in a file store. Multi-room, multi-date functions are also supported, and it's possible to link any associated hotel room bookings with the function.

Role based access

An important requirement for hotel management software is providing different staff members the correct access privileges based on their role. Where a hotel manager would be able to view financial reports and add new users, a junior receptionist would only need to manage reservations and hotel check in. In Caterbook, even your web designer can be given a log in, providing access only to the page which enables them to implement your website's hotel booking engine. 

Promotional codes

Promo codes are an important revenue management tool, particularly for filling hotel rooms in low season. They can also be used to drive commission free online bookings for returning guests who may have booked their first stay through an online travel agent. Many hotel management software platforms only allow hotels to discount their rates, but in Caterbook, promo codes can also be used to display non-public rates, as well as "giveaways" like a free bottle of prosecco.


For staff tasked with housekeeping duties, Caterbook is able to generate reports for the whole property, or on a smaller, per corridor or per floor basis, increasing employee productivity by showing not only the type of clean (departure, daily clean etc) but also generating a linen list. For small to mid sized hotels this is one more way in which your hotel tech can overcome staffing challenges arising from Covid & Brexit.

Automating processes

One of the main functions of a hotel property management system is to reduce time consuming, repetitive front desk tasks. Caterbook can automatically send customised emails and SMS messages based on trigger events and times, batch create check out invoices and maximise revenue through yield management with our built in features. Independent hotels are struggling with staff retention and recruitment so by automating these day to day operations through hospitality technology becomes essential.

OpenKey Integration

Our integration to OpenKey is now complete. Properties using OpenKey host can automate the generation of digital room keys, and send these to the guest's mobile phone on check in. The NFC Chip on the phone (used for Apple/Android pay) is then used to open hotel the room door, providing convenient, secure access. Additionally, the room number and the Wifi network and password are also available in the digital key.

Google Free Booking Links

Our integration to Google Free Booking Links means properties can receive commission-free bookings on their own website whenever a guest searches for them on Google, or Google maps. To the right of the search results is your Google business listing. Here, as well as paid adverts from OTA's, your "Official website" link receives updates from our integrated channel management software and directs traffic to your Caterbook web booking engine at no additional cost.

Epos Integration

Hotel industry professionals know that a hotel's front desk software works best when it integrates seamlessly with the other tools they use every day. Our property management system works with over 10 different EPOS platforms, giving you the choice of which EPOS vendor to work with.

Streamline hotel operations by posting food and drink items directly to the guest's room for settlement on checkout. Enhance the guest experience by reducing the number of individual card transaction during their stay.

When guests check in at the hotel, Caterbook sends their room to POS systems and it is made available for posting to the PMS  software.

Management Reporting

Caterbook now supports casual, non-resident EPOS posting from a number of point of sale vendors. This facilitates accurate End of Day or night audit reporting in one place, breaking down sales data into accommodation, functions and food & beverage splits. In fact, caterbook can also report out EPOS sales by Category and Sub Category, Terminal and Shift.

The deposit ledger shows the change in advance payments taken and redeemed on any given date.

An integration with the accounting package Xero is currently under way.

Multi property management system

For hotel chains with multiple sites, the ability to have one single account with all their properties within it offers many benefits.

Caterbook supports granting staff members access to one or more properties in a group account. This can be particularly useful where 'head office' operations like pricing and revenue management are centralised.

Our multi property website booking engine also allows each individual property to be bookable on it's own website, with all properties available to be booked on the group's site.

Whether you have a small hotel or hotel chain, front desk software linked to EPOS can help manage group reservations, corporate bookings and those sourced from your online distribution channels. Caterbook supports split invoicing where accommodation and posted items can be billed separately, and charged through our Caterpay payment gateway.

Not all hotel property management systems are this easy to use.

The Caterbook property management system has been designed to be intuitive and quick to learn. A staff member who doesn't have a high level of technical expertise will need less time to get up to speed with the front office of our hotel pms, reducing the time required to input new bookings.

Reservation management for current and upcoming bookings is much easier than with many other property management systems, meaning individual rooms within a group reservation can be invoiced separately, and because Caterbook is able to integrate seamlessly with point of sale systems, the guest's food and drink can be posted to their own room and not just the wider booking. Group bookings are managed with ease.

Caterbook is a cloud based pms. Cloud based software means that you can access your hotel management systems from any internet enabled computer, rather than your information only being available on a single windows based PC. The process of sending  booking confirmation and reminder emails is automated, meaning once it's set up your staff will save time that can be used to spend with your guests.

Our complete solution allows properties to process payments, with card details being handled securely and compliantly. Guest payments are processed and reported out in real time reducing the need for night audits which are often found in other property management systems.

Rate management can also be automated using the dynamic pricing feature, meaning your room rates can be configured to change based on the number of rooms remaining within a booking lead time. Our integrated channel manager will also push any dynamic changes of pricing to your multiple channels. Many properties use Caterbook as an important part of their revenue management system, freeing up the general manager to focus on other hotel business.

We don't rely on third party channel managers, we develop our own connections to OTA's.

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