Caterpay - Our hotel payment gateway

Caterpay is built into our hotel PMS software, enabling you to securely store, charge and refund a guest's card details. You could charge a deposit or take card for security for a guest on the phone, booking through your website or process card data for reservations imported from online travel agents.


OTA bookings have their card details tokenised securely prior to import. From within Caterbook, it's then possible to verify whether the card details are legitimate against the banking system, or charge the card for a deposit according to your payment policy.


Once a card has been verified or charged, you can rebill against the original transaction for up to 400 days. So a deposit taken on booking could enable you to rebill the card for the booking balance on departure, and then a third time having discovered damage in the room. 

Virtual Cards

Caterpay supports the charging of Virtual Cards, which are being increasingly used by OTA's to comply with PSD2. The OTA charges the guest at the point of booking, and provides a single use "Virtual Card". 


If a guest cancels their booking within your permitted cancellation period, it's really easy to initiate a refund against the original Caterpay transaction - right from inside the booking record.

Booking Payment Links

Offer guests the convenience of setting their bill via an online payment link, contained in a scheduled email template sent prior to their departure. For multi room bookings, properties can also send an email requesting a card on file from a guest in each room as security for any room postings.


Caterpay payments taken as a reservation deposit can be added to a hotel guest's departure invoice. Where a stored card is being used to settle a balance on an invoice, the payment can be rolled onto that invoice as it is being processed, meaning the invoice and booking balance are automatically updated.

For more details, please click through to our Caterpay website 

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