The simple and sophisticated Hotel Booking Software

Caterbook is a complete Hotel PMS package featuring reception desk software, channel manager, fast and responsive website booking engine, links to EPOS tills and an integrated payment gateway.

Running a hotel is hard, and it's getting harder. As an independent hotelier, you're facing increasing competition from the big chains and also AirBnB's. The double-whammy of Covid and Brexit has impacted recruitment, meaning your business is short staffed and time poor.

Switching to Caterbook as your hotel PMS software will help you to streamline your processes by automating many of your repetitive tasks. Our system is easy to use and will save you time so that you can focus on what matters to you most – your guests!

Sign up for a free trial, or book a product demo with one of our experts to find out how our simple and powerful PMS can transform the way your property works.

Say hello to simplicity

You don't need to be tech-savvy. Whether your hotel has a few rooms or fifty, Caterbook PMS is easy to use and helps to streamline managing your property.

Batch printing

Caterpay payment gateway

EPOS Links

PCI & GDPR Compliant


Shuffle row

You have a guest on the phone who wants to book a twin room for 4 nights. You have availability, but not in the same room.

Use the Caterbook calendar's built-in dynamic shuffle row to park multiple bookings as you move the existing twin room reservations around.


The dashboard gives a summary of a days events, (today or any day in the future), including guest arrivals, availability, the number of booked breakfasts & dinners and housekeeping details including room type changeovers.

Any new bookings are displayed on the Recent activity panel, and if a booking is cancelled Caterbook will let you know if the booking is within its penalty period.

Graphical reporting

Caterbook reports out important mangement data and represents much of this graphically. Many reports can be exported as .csv files which can be opened by Excel. 
hotel pms deshboard