Hotel PMS Software Xero Integration

We've simplified making tax digital for hoteliers. Post Accommodation and Functions revenue along with your Food & Beverage totals and Card / Cash taken to Xero, in a single daily invoice. 

The days of turning up at your accountant's office in early April with a Tesco carrier bag full of receipts are long gone, but even so, updating your accounting software to keep on top of your turnover, VAT quarter and year end is a task most hoteliers still find a tedious and time consuming chore.

Now, Caterbook users have one less repetitive task making up their daily grind. Users of the Xero accounting package can run their hotel End of Day report and automatically post their department totals and money taken direct to their relevant Xero chart of accounts.

Watch our video below, and be sure to click to make it full screen in the bottom right corner.
If you are a managing a hotel or pub with rooms, and use ICR Touch, CES Epos or PowerEPOS, these systems can post all casual, non-resident sales to Caterbook, in addition to the usual room postings. Our end of day report can produce a full 'helicopter view' of the work done throughout the business on any day and then post all your department totals straight to Xero, along with the day's takings. Job done.

For users of other EPOS software, you can run your nightly Z-read report on your POS and manually enter the figures into Caterbook. These will be then reported on the End of Day and pushed to Xero.

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