Caterbook is designed to make life easier for accommodation providers.
hotel group booking management

Manage group bookings

  • Assign multiple  rooms under a single booking record
  • Rooms can have different and even split dates
  • Set individual guest names per room
  • Store separate card details for each room
  • Check in each room as they arrive
  • Invoice each guest separately
  • Message (email or SMS) guests separately
  • Colour code group bookings on calendar

Finance and Invoicing

  • OTA cards are tokenised at no additional cost
  • Supports guest's own and OTA Virtual cards
  • Verify / charge multiple guests within a single booking
  • Send morning of departure payment link via email
  • Create multiple invoices per booking (split rooms & food)
  • Single click to batch create, print, email all departure invoices
  • Create preferential corporate partner pricing
  • Invoice corporate entity and guest in same booking
  • Produce corporate partner statements
hotel bulk invoicing
hotel inventory management

Inventory management

  • Group similar rooms as generic room types.
  • Dedicated "shuffle row" enables you to park multiple bookings on the calendar, and free up longer duration stays by moving existing bookings between rooms.
  • Sell any room as more than one room type, so  your zip and link beds can sell as King AND Twin (and even Single if you wanted)
  • By configuring the order in which rooms are allocated to bookings, you could for example make your family rooms available for sale as "double" rooms, after all the actual double rooms have been sold.
  • Physical rooms can be sold together as "Virtual Rooms". If an adjacent double and twin room have an interconnecting lockable door, then a virtual "Family Suite" can be created for sale.
  • The ability to assign a physical room to more than one marketing room type allows a property to only sell 8 of it's 12 Superior Double Rooms on OTA's.

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