What do our clients say?

La Ville Hotel, 20 rooms, Alderney.
"We were a first-time hotel operator so the sales process and more importantly the implementation was very straightforward and tailored to getting us up and running. The customer support was superb. Knowledgeable and friendly staff guided us in setting the system up for our property.

Caterbook does what it says on the tin! The Dashboard makes it easy for all staff to check customers in and out, Caterpay makes taking payments from guests directly or through booking.com very easy, but it's also incredibly simple to audit to make sure you have been paid. Should there be a problem and a refund is required this is very easy to do from within Caterbook.

Sally and the team are like an in-house support team for us. They understand our setup and very helpful at guiding us through issues. In the 22 months we've had the system, all through the lockdowns we've had no issues with Caterbook that impacted our business at all.

Having setup our hotel from scratch and deployed Caterbook, EPOS system and accounting, it's good value for money, works well with all levels of staff members and if you do make a mistake – the support team at Caterbook are accessible in a timely fashion to solve the problem.

I'd recommend Caterbook 1000 %.”

Roger Saunt

The Lime Tree Inn, 7 rooms, Great Ouseburn.
"Caterbook has a very easy to read booking calendar panel. You can see most details just by hovering the mouse on each booking, making it very accessible - especially for my housekeeping team members who are not very computer proficient.

The support team is great. Sometimes I will adventure and do new things by myself but if I ever get stuck, I can just chat with the team by pressing the support button on the bottom of the page, and I can even request a call so the team can walk me through it.

We have been using the system for about 2 years now and I never felt let down. Whenever I had a question the support team was always there to help and there is so much to learn from their videos too.”

Heloisa Mitchell

St David's Cross Hotel, 16 rooms, Haverfordwest.
"I find Caterbook very user friendly and easy to use. New staff pick things up and very quickly become confident with the system. I think Caterbook is a good fit for our business as it integrates with our ICR Touch Epos till system so we can transfer our guest's tabs to their corresponding rooms.

Creating group bookings is so easy to do, the finance tab is great for tracking down payments, the reports section with the occupancy rates is a fantastic for comparing and analysing previous years/months/days figures.

The support we get is something I find so impressive, its friendly, efficient, easily available. We also have the availability of Helpdesk on the system with lots of articles which I have found very useful at times if I have needed to look anything up.

I also feel the service provided by Caterbook is very friendly and efficient too. I would 100 % recommend Caterbook not just as a software but as a company to other people if they ever asked for a recommendation

Caterbook is a fantastic piece of software and I feel we’re very lucky as a business to have such a great product and such an amazing group of people who are always willing to help us improve our business and help grow our hotel.”

Alex Perkins

The Yorkshire Bridge Inn, 14 rooms, Bamford.
"I spent a lot of time researching options when we decided to upgrade our booking system. Caterbook came with a ringing endorsement from another operator and now I can see why! I’m so pleased we chose Caterbook as it’s been a great experience right from the start, and the migration from the old system was seamless.

It’s definitely the most user friendly booking system I have ever used and it’s very easy to learn. I’ve been really happy with the service we’ve received from the support team. They are always available, very responsive to our numerous questions and willing to listen and make adjustments to suit our needs.

We’re a busy pub with 14 hotel bedrooms and we needed an easy to use booking system, which could integrate with our tills, and didn’t require an IT degree to operate it! Most importantly, we wanted it to be simple and straightforward for our staff and customers to use. The Caterbook system ticks all of these boxes for us. We’re able to spend our time front of house with guests, not in the office trying to manage hotel bookings. I’d definitely recommend it.”

John Illingworth

The Avenue Hotel, 21 rooms, Blackburn.
"We were looking for a booking system what was less complicated than the one we were using, but still had all the essential tools we needed.

The migration process from our end was quite time consuming as our previous provider could not export our forward bookings, but what made the process easier was the support and guidance we were given from the support staff at Caterbook.

The housekeeping section of the dashboard is great and has made turnarounds far easier to manage. In the finance section of the booking record you can get every breakdown of the guests stay, including payments what they have spent in the restaurant and bar.

I would have no hesitation in recommending caterbook to anyone. Their service is professional and their support is fantastic. We have not looked back since making the change."

Dave Cook

The Cott Inn, 6 rooms, Totnes.
"The Dashboard layout in Caterbook is great. All the necessary daily information, available exactly where you want it to be.

It's simple to add a range of fully customisable extras to a guest's account, as well as posting food and drink from our EPOS system to their booking.

The email functionality is fantastic - it's straightforward to customize a template and have it send to guests automatically, or to edit and send manually . This is especially helpful when invoicing business customers.

Backoffice report layouts are outstanding. It's really simple to track occupancy, revenue, availability and all the other metrics we require."

Anton Fraser

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