Elastic Dinner Allowances

Managing room transfers just got even easier.

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Rates.

If your property offers a rate that includes dinner, you'll usually be allowing a spend up to a specific value as part of that rate. When posting F & B items to the room for settlement on checkout, this can often prove to be challenging and requires workarounds that are seldom ideal.

For Caterbook properties with ICR Touch, and some other EPOS systems, it's possible to set up an allowance that automatically grows up to the maximum configured value when items are transferred to the room. 

Where a rate plan's board type is set as Breakfast and Dinner, we can click Configure allowance to set this up.

Here, we've set an allowance of £20 per person per day. In addition, only PLU items in the "Food" and "Tea & Coffee" categories will be eligible to be redeemed and any other items will be chargeable.
When a Dinner, Bed & Breakfast booking is made, there is no allowance showing initially. With two guests, the total allowance would grow to a maximum of £40 per day.
But then, when we transfer items to the room from the EPOS system, the allowance is automatically added into the "Extras" section of the booking, along with the transferred items:
The first two items are beer and wine totalling £10. These are not eligible for the allowance and are added to the value of the extras, appearing immediately at the bottom right in the chargeable total.

Two starters and one main totalling £23 then receive a -£23 allowance meaning these aren't included for charging. 

Next, we're adding a second main course item - "LAMB" - to illustrate that the allowance has now grown by the corresponding £14, to -£37.
Finally, with £3 of their possible allowance remaining, the guests have two coffees totalling £7. 

This then takes them over the allowance and the remaining balance of £4 on those coffees becomes chargeable.
The point to remember here is that if nothing further was added after the initial posting of two drink and three food items, the allowance would stay at the £23, even though the two guests in this booking could potentially have had a maximum of £40 worth of items added to their bill at no additional cost.

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