Hotel Rates and Pricing

Take full control of which rates are available to your OTA's, GDS and 
corporate partners with our easy to use features.

Managing your rates is easy.

First and foremost, it's super quick to create a new rate in Caterbook. The rate plan describes the offer, any meals and terms & conditions, e.g. "Flexible B&B". Then you add in pricing for each room you want to sell under that rate plan.

You can mix and match room based and occupancy based pricing in Caterbook, even within the same rate plan - standard doubles might be priced differently for 1 or 2 people, with your superior doubles always sold at a fixed price irrespective of occupancy.

Updating the price for Fridays only within an extended date range is quick and intuitive.

Creating 2 night minimum stays for a Saturday in peak season is routine. 

Pricing can be derived - your twin room could derive it's price from the double + £10. Bed and Breakfast could derive from Room Only with each room type being + £12 per person.

Then you can also set Dynamic pricing rules for each room type within the rate plan : If there are less than 4 double rooms and booking lead time is less than 3 days, increase price by £20.

Caterbook users manage their own pricing, because it's simple.

See how it's done! Watch our short video above.

Which bookers get to see which pricing?

At the simplest level, you can make the exact same rates and pricing available to everyone, whether they are booking via telephone, walk ins, on your website or your connected OTA's. You don't need to create and manage different rates for each.

Or, you can select to only send Bed and Breakfast to OTA's, and have both Room Only and B&B on your own website. This means your Google Free Booking link shows the cheaper Room Only rate when displayed against your OTA's price, but guests can still choose to book a rate that includes breakfast on your website.

It's easy to apply a simple uplift of pricing on a per OTA basis to keep the number of rates you need to manage down to a minimum. OTA 1 sees a B&B price that is £10 more expensive than your website, OTA 2 is £20 more.

You can even create OTA specific rate plans and pricing that would never appear on your own website and likewise, if you have 6 double rooms, you could also send a lower number of rooms to OTA's, keeping some for walk ins etc.

For the GDS and your corporate bookers, you might create rate plans that only have pricing on Monday - Thursday, giving you the opportunity to increase your occupancy on your quieter days of the week.

Many of our users create one "Corporate" rate plan, that might only be available for double or twin rooms, and price this at £100. Different partners can then be configured with an adjustment to that price based on their negotiated rate. Higher volume partners might be set with a - £15 modifier, occasional bookers + £10.

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