Using Caterbook PMS with your EPOS till system

Post food & drink items to the guest's room for settlement on checkout - and more!

Linking modern software systems together is an ideal way to create efficiencies in your business. Posting food and beverage items to the guest's room automatically for settlement on checkout reduces costly errors and saves the time needed to manually update a reservation.

The Caterbook property management system is able to work with a growing number of EPOS systems and is a fraction of the cost of some competing hotel pms software. Benefits include:

  • Convenience for the guest
  • Simplify your internal processes
  • Reduce errors where items are forgotten or incorrectly charged

Additionally, some EPOS platforms support the sending of non-resident sales to Caterbook, which allows Accommodation, and the F & B split to be reported out in our End of Day (night audit) report.

Caterbook has an open interface where you can work with the epos system of your choice (or even the ones you are currently stuck with.)

We are keen to increase the point of sale platforms we can work with, so if we don't currently support your tills and you are willing to help us test and pilot a link, we would be glad to look into that.

Caterbook has EPOS integration with the following systems.

  • SamTouch
  • WaiterPOS
  • Casio V-R7800
  • LCR Systems Jupiter
  • EatPOS
  • Universal

For hotels with a restaurant we would strongly recommend deciding whether you need a Hotel EPOS system. There are cloud based and windows options, many with back office features like stock control and easy reporting of the F & B split. Like Caterbook, some systems do provide a free trial and our support team would be happy to link a trial of any POS with our pms integration to a trial Caterbook account if that proves to be possible.

Looking to switch PMS?

Call to speak with one of our friendly staff and tell us your story - or choose a video or remote demonstration by clicking the button below.
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