Using Caterbook with your EPOS till system

Post food & drink items to the guest's room for settlement on Checkout. Continue to serve guests once the end of day report has been run.
Having invested in your EPOS system, you'd like to be able to post food & drink from the restaurant or bar to guests room bills, but quality hotel PMS systems that offer this functionality are expensive... until now.
Caterbook is able to work with a growing number of EPOS vendors to link with your tills and is a fraction of the cost of some competing systems. Benefits include:
- Convenience for the guest
- Simplify your internal processes
- Reduce errors where items are forgotten or incorrectly charged
Unlike some other PMS providers who also sell EPOS, Caterbook has an open interface where you can work with the tills of your choice (or the ones you are stuck with.)
We are keen to increase the EPOS platforms we can work with, so if we don't currently support your tills and you are willing to help us test and pilot a link, we would be glad to look into that.
Caterbook supports the following tills.

  • Fidelity GPOS
  • EatPOS
  • Quantum
  • ECR
  • Vectron