Hotel Function Software

Manage weddings, functions and corporate events within the PMS.

Now live - book function rooms within Caterbook hotel PMS.

The requirements for booking a function room within PMS software are very different from the hotel rooms.

For a start, a hotel room booking would usually span 2 or more dates between arrival and departure, where a function space would be booked for one or more whole days, or parts of the day. A wedding might be booked for an afternoon and evening, where a business networking breakfast might use the space in a morning only.

Similarly a function room isn't booked for a "Nightly rate" with a minimum length of stay, nor does the concept of a hotel room's "occupancy" translate meaningfully to the number of attendees at a function.

So using a "regular" PMS hotel room to record an event or function is not ideal.

Our Hotel Events and Functions software module provides dedicated bookable spaces for weddings and wakes, business meetings, parties - anything where larger gatherings of people come together - and what's more, these functions can be linked to hotel room bookings for convenience.

If your existing PMS software doesn't support Events and Functions properly, watch the video below and see how it's done!

  • Dedicated hotel function software integrated into Caterbook PMS. 
  • Configure rooms, Set maximum attendee numbers, define possible room layouts, define bookable days of the week and sessions (Morning, Afternoon, Evening).
  • Create multi-room functions across a number of dates.
  • Create event specific items like wedding or corporate packages, as well as specific equipment hire, like overhead projector with suggested pricing.
  • Specify differing catering items like Buffet Menus, Dining Menus, Tea and Coffee etc.
  • View function room availability on the booking calendar.
  • Use the internal function sheet generator, or upload and store your own notes, function sheets, seating plans, attendee menu choices in the filestore as word, excel or pdf files.
  • Post additional EPOS items to the function (eg open bar).
  • Links with existing corporate partners contact information in Caterbook for business events.
  • Take and record payments both through Caterpay and other methods. Create invoices.
  • Link functions to hotel room bookings for easy reference.
events and functions hotel pms module

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