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Is your hotel's booking software holding you back?

Embrace change. You need modern booking software to manage a busy hotel, drive higher occupancy levels and increase revenue per customer.

Property managers and owners find themselves time poor as a result of staff shortages and budgetary constraints, and the thought of changing their hotel booking system seems an impossible challenge.

But it's not. Caterbook is quick to learn, easy to use and your staff will love it's power and simplicity. We can import forward bookings from most competitor systems and provide full training and support. Check out our testimonials page!


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With no time to manually manage their availability on the online booking portals, there is frequently just one room listed - unless it has been already booked for that day. We often ask property managers without a dedicated hotel management system;

What has the most profit, £100 of F&B, or £100 of B&B?

With rising costs for ingredients, stock, fuel, staff and the recent return of the 20% VAT rate, the margins for every £100 of F&B takings are growing smaller by the day. By contrast, the cost of delivering a room for the night has not seen comparable increases in the costs to deliver.

In short, accommodation and particularly direct bookings, provide more profit per £100 than food and beverage, but so many pubs are missing out of this much needed high-profit revenue due to being "too busy".

Increase occupancy with our world class booking software.

Caterbook can make the reservation process streamlined and easy, for your guests and your staff.

Our cloud based hotel software shows up to the minute availability for staff to manage both walk in customers, and telephone booking enquiries. Our online booking software sits on your existing website and can take bookings without needing a member of staff, and can even take a deposit payment at the point of booking using our payment gateway. The built in channel manager links to online booking portals, ensuring that all your rooms are available to be booked everywhere you choose, with little manual management.

For hotels working with online travel agents like the GDS, it's possible to apply a simple uplift to your existing public rates to cover some of the booking fees you are charged by these providers. For money savvy guests who compare online reservations from different sources it is clear your hotel rooms are cheaper when they book direct.

Automate your processes with our hotel booking system.

Channel management means you don't have to think about manually closing out availability and pricing on the booking portals. If your hotel rooms are full in Caterbook, you're full everywhere.

Whether reservations are received via the channel manager, as online bookings from your own website or manually entered into the hotel reservation system Caterbook can automatically send out customised confirmation, and pre and post-stay emails and SMS messages from templates, ensuring a consistent guest experience.

The online booking engine can accept payments or take cards for security at the point of booking.

Batch create, print or email the day's departure invoices in a couple of clicks.

Drive more direct bookings with promotional codes, where you can include giveaways like a free bottle of prosecco rather than just a pricing discount. Online reservations are commission free with Caterbook.

Caterbook supports the hotel industry standard practice of dynamic pricing, where rates are adjusted based on the booking lead time and rooms remaining. Changes are even pushed to the web booking engine and channel management system.

Post food and drink from your hotel EPOS software to the room for settlement on checkout.

Manage reservations through software.

As a hospitality tech company we help businesses like yours to become more efficient every day. Caterbook is a complete software system, giving you tools to work in new ways for the modern age. If your existing hotel booking software is complex and staff are not comfortable using it, this leads to mistakes and impacts on the guest experience, reduces profits.

Caterbook is a hotel commerce platform unlike some basic online booking systems, supporting multiple rates per room type, and providing the ability to upsell extras like a box of chocolates or flowers in the room. Where external booking channels charge a percentage for their services, with Caterbook you can accept online bookings at no additional cost.

If you think you can't afford Caterbook, think again! If you get one additional booking per month through using our reservation system then it has offset it's financial cost significantly. 

We regularly speak with properties without any online booking systems in place, who don't make the connection that their low occupancy is linked to a very limited online presence. Having a facebook page does not facilitate online bookings in the way that a true hotel commerce platform like Caterbook can. Having limited availability on your channel manager through manual updating, rather than working in real time reduces you chances of ever achieving full occupancy. Having no online booking options on your website where guests can make direct bookings means you are giving business away, either to your competitors or giving a slice of your profits to the OTA's.

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