Hotel Booking Software

Say hello to modern, easy to use hotel booking software.

Because you and your staff shouldn't need an IT degree.

Hotel booking software can help automate many aspects of the reservation process, from sending confirmations and receipts to managing changes and cancellations. This can help your staff save time and effort, which they can then use to focus on providing great customer service. 

Additionally, by tracking reservation data, hotel booking software can provide business insights to help you improve your marketing and sales efforts, identify current trends, and target your advertising to the right guests.

Make life easier!

But, to be really effective your chosen hotel booking software needs to be user friendly and something your staff feel comfortable and at home with, whether dealing with the every day - like changing the stay dates on a  reservation - or those occasional things that crop up like needing to reverse an invoice in order to provide a credit note or refund where a guest needs a problem resolving.

Caterbook was created to be intuitive and is extremely easy to use, and requires very little training to get started. New staff with little prior experience of hotel software can get to grips with the booking process quickly, making the guest experience of booking seamless.

Our own support team are always on hand to guide hotel staff through any areas of uncertainty, and we can help provision new accounts quickly, often importing data from existing systems for properties looking to switch.

All in one solution

By having an integrated property management system which also has a web booking engine that can accept online reservations and a channel manager for working with third party external booking channels, your staff can be confident that hotel rooms are being booked without the risk of double bookings. New for 2022, we are launching our functions module to enable your event organisers to save time and manage weddings, parties and corporate events more effectively.

Our cloud based software offers advantages of the hotel PMS being accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Caterbook has a number of key features that you won't find in every hotel pms including housekeeping management, promo codes for your special offers, dynamic pricing (where room rate can be configured to change based on the booking lead time and rooms remaining), bulk invoice creation.

To find out more and understand why independent hotels are switching to Caterbook, get in touch by requesting a call back using the form below.


Looking to switch PMS?

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