Fast, responsive web booking engine

It's all about mobile devices these days. Caterbook's commission-free online booking engine is easy to customise and gives a modern, responsive and frictionless experience for guests booking on your website.

Is it easy to install on my website?

Caterbook has just 10 customisable elements so you can mirror the look and feel of your site in minutes. Then you can either embed the booking engine on a page or link it as an external "pop up" page, so regardless of whether you have a web designer or use a website builder program, you'll be up and running in no time.

Does it work with promotional codes?

Yes! You can encourage returning guests to book direct by offering a percentage discount to save on OTA commissions. Alternatively, you can include an "extra" for free if guests were booking to arrive within certain dates, which can be an excellent way to incentivise direct bookings during your shoulder months.

Can I charge a deposit at the point of booking?

You can set different deposit rules for each rateplan, (eg card-for-security or first night for Bed & Breakfast, payment in full for Advance Purchase. Caterpay supports 3D Secure and will charge the guest's card, with the money reaching you based on the terms of your merchant account - which is usually between 3 and 5 working days.

Is it easy for the guest to book?

With the growth of mobile booking, we took this on board in designing our web booking engine. We only collect the bare minimum data required to allow your guest to book. You can then send a link to a pre-arrival screen where each guest's contact data can be entered to save time when completing registration cards on arrival.