We asked our clients for feedback about Caterbook 5.

Here's what they said...

"The great thing about caterbook is that it is vastly reducing our ability to make mistakes".

How easy was the migration process for your property?

  • The team were absolutely brilliant and gave us lots of information and support, both during the migration and afterwards.
  • Painless.
  • Migration was easy and well organised.

Is Caterbook generally faster and easier to use than whatever system you were using before?

  • Definitely! Much cleaner to use and look at than the previous version.
  • The new platform is definitely far better than my old system, and much easier on the eyes!
  • Definitely a lot faster and easier.

Are you using features that your previous system didn't have?

  • Yes, the batch invoicing works really well.
  • Dynamic pricing and express checkout are a great improvement.
  • Derived pricing and reporting yes. Housekeeping report gives much more information than before.

How useful is having an integrated payment gateway?

  • Caterpay has been fantastic, and so easy to use.
  • Reducing errors greatly and also ensuring payments are checked and authorised to reduce number of invalid cards is a massive bonus.
  • Once we got our heads round it, Caterpay is actually brilliant. We always verify cards sent from OTA's as we get so many dodgy cards through them.

"Here are the things we especially like about Caterbook 5"

  • It is simple to add a range of fully customisable extras to a guest's account.
  • The email functionality is fantastic; it is straightforward to customise a template and send it directly from the invoice screen .  This is especially helpful when invoicing business customers.
  • The Dashboard layout is great. All the necessary daily information, available exactly where you want it to be.
  • Backoffice report layouts are outstanding. It's really simple to track occupancy, revenue, availability and all the other metrics we require.

Anton Fraser, Duty Manager
The Cott Inn, Dartington.

I have used Caterbook for a very long time now and I have to say it just keeps getting better.

We as a B&B have recently slowed down and have gone from having 14 members of staff to just myself and my husband. So the fact of having to deal with the computer side of things really worried me, as I am not very good with technology, especially the thought of booking in guests but thankfully the new Caterbook program has been a blessing for me. It has been so useful and easy for me to use and with the support from both Dave and Claire it has been fantastic, thank you so much!.

Allie Cherry, Owner
Common Leys Farm, Worminghall.