Caterbook PMS

The Property Management System is our core product. Designed, hosted and supported in the UK, this is a secure, fast, modern solution for the 2020's.

Batch invoices

Simplify your admin and save time with single-click invoice creation, emailing and printing. The Manage invoices screen indicates which reservations have add-on "extra" items, as well as those which are corporate bookings..

Yield management

Automate pricing changes based on the availability of a room type, and the booking lead time. In Caterbook this can be configured on a per room type per rate basis, allowing you to set differing rules for Double Room / Room Only compared to Double Room / Bed & Breakfast.

Email / SMS scheduler

Create custom message templates, and have them go out based on either an event (eg a new booking is created, or a guest checks in) or offset around your properties check-in-from / check-out-before times. Send an email with a secure Caterpay payment link at 8pm the evening before checkout, so if guests are in a hurry they can settle their bill online.

Housekeeping report

Set up different cleaning groups (eg "First floor" rooms only), configure cleaning types to be implemented depending on the day of stay. Report out zip & link changes eg dbl->twin, bed linen and towels required for that group.

Dark theme

Night staff can take advantage of our dark theme to reduce eye strain when the lights go down.

You can create user accounts for each of your staff, and actions are logged meaning you have an audit trail of who did what when.

The choice of theme is set at user level so everyone get's to pick.


Caterbook supports multiple properties within a single account. Staff members can be assigned access to just one or several properties depending on their role.

Switching between properties is possible from any screen and of course,  we do have a multi property version of our website booking engine.