Try Caterbook for free, for 14 days.

There's no catch.  We won't take your card details and hope you forget to cancel.

Is there any difference between a trial and live account?

No. All the features are present, we even include our demonstrator Caterpay account and some test card details for you to get the full experience. If you want to link with your EPOS tills, no problem, just get in touch during your trial and we will set that up.

Is it possible to edit the trial account to match our own property?

Absolutely! We hope that's what you'll do. You'll be asked how many rooms you have during the sign up, and by default the account is created with all of those rooms mapped as standard double rooms. But then you can easily assign each room to one or more of the built-in room types, or add some new types, and change your room numbers, rateplans, pricing and policies.

Can you import my forward bookings?

Usually we can, providing your current system allows you to export one room per row as a csv file. Usually there would be a cost for this depending on the quality of the exported file and the volume of data but if you wanted us to import a sample of say 4 week's bookings during your trial then depending on how busy we are this might be possible.

What happens at the end of the 14 days?

You won't be able to access your account unless it's been activated. When you activate the account, if we haven't already spoken with you during the trial, we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements and let you know our pricing and provide you with an agreement to sign. Once you are happy and sign the agreement and complete a Direct Debit mandate, we'll plan a migration from your existing provider and get you live. If you aren't ready to make that leap just yet, don't worry we normally keep accounts for 90 days before they are purged, but if you are commited to moving to Caterbook we can hold the account open for longer.