Why EPOS vendors partner with Caterbook.

If you are quoting a hotel for a POS solution, including Caterbook will help you to close the sale.

We won't be developing our own EPOS, ever.

We are totally focussed on making Caterbook a great product for hotels.
By bundling your POS solutions and our PMS you are creating an attractive and cost effective hospitality package when compared with the majority of our competitors, especially those hotel software providers with their own tills. We will be happy to demo our own software to the prospect and work with you all the way from putting together a proposal to supporting the client as an end user.
Caterbook is really easy to learn and use. Property owners and their staff get up to speed quickly, and have a wealth of resources to help them overcome any difficulties both when starting out and on an onging basis. Some of our features are little things that are really appealing to hoteliers, like batch creating and printing invoices.
We support our users. Caterbook has been a trusted brand for hoteliers for 18 years. We don't leave people with unresolved problems, we pride ourselves in keeping our customers happy and on retaining their business for the long term.
Get in touch - call us on 01840 298 298, let's discuss how we can work together. We will happily arrange a remote demonstration of our software for you and highlight it's key features. If you have a POS product we don't currently support, let us have the API and see if we can work to integrate that. If you have existing clients using a rival PMS that presents a threat to your continued relationship, let's see if we can get them moved over to Caterbook.

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