Keeping your staff and guests safe during Covid-19. 

Caterbook already had features to speed up the check in and check out process, but we've enhanced this functionality in response to the pandemic.

Online Guest Registration.

Prior to lockdown Caterbook supported the ability to collect details of every guest prior to arrival using a secure online form. We added to this the ability for guests to accept your terms and conditions online, meaning that during check in there is no need to complete a traditional paper registration form.

A link to complete this form can be sent in your booking confirmation email, as well as in a follow up email scheduled for the morning of arrival.

To support this, we also added an exclamation mark in the Arrivals panel of our Dashboard to highlight to staff any bookings where the lead guest has not accepted your terms and conditions.

SMS Messaging.

If the lead guest arrives in reception having not already accepted your terms online, you can send them an SMS message with a link to complete the registration form on their phone rather than have them complete a paper form.

Pre-departure payment link.

Many more properties are now using our payment link which can be sent in an email scheduled for the evening before, or morning of departure to collect a final balance payment for the guest's booking online.

On a mobile phone, the payment screen looks like this:

By paying their final balance online, this reduces un-neccessary guest interaction with the PDQ terminal in reception.

EPOS - Posting food & drink items to the room for settlement on checkout.

Remember also that during a guest's stay, if you have linked your POS system with Caterbook, by posting items to the room you are further reducing the number of PDQ transactions and associated risks.