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The full price structure can be found here

If you have any questions, please call 01840 298299 and we will be happy to assist.

Yes. Its a cloud system and is compatible with any device with an internet browser

You can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection

A cancelled booking record will remain in the system but will not take up space on your calendar.

You can call us on 01840 298299 between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday. Outside of these hours we have an emergency helpline you can call.

CaterBook was established in August 2001.

Yes and other details too such as if a booking has been moved - and by which staff member, items added to bills or the date a bill was paid… etc etc

We link to more OTA sites than you can shake a stick at! take a look at the Channel Manager under 'What We Do'

Of course! As well as flagging a room for cleaning on departure, different levels of service can be configured on a per room type basis. So a Superior room may be set to be cleaned more often and at a different "level" of cleaning than a Budget room.

We have installations of CaterBook running in many countries and it has been used with pounds, euros, US dollars and many others. Please contact us for a full list, but it's possible to have other currencies added.

We provide a simple form where you enter your property ID and it automatically creates the booking code for your web designer

Domestic Reports cover room occupancy, actions taken within the CaterBook program, future arrivals and departures, and lists of cancellations and outstanding charges. Financial reports include: receipts, receipts in/payments out, payments, itemised sales, projected turnover, daily report, future deposits paid and invoices. .

A full occupancy report is included amongst many other domestic, financial and marketing reports.

Yes you can use it from any device with an internet browser.

The settings section allows you to set automated prices per room during any number of periods. You can enter the number of nights for each price band to be used.

You can set early bird rates and late booking rates. They can be different online, inhouse and you OTAs if you wish. Contact us for full details to change your settings.

Learning to use CaterBook is surprisingly easy. Whenever we set up a new CaterBook account we offer telephone/online training. We find that this is all most people need, and you`re welcome to call us with any queries you may have at any time. There is a wealth of information in the online help sections too.

Yes. You can either add them from a drop down menu, or directly from compatible epos systems.

With CaterBook you can have different prices for different nights and different seasons. You can also set CaterBook to calculate different prices per night depending on how many nights are booked. You can also set prices for packages and special offers.

Probably not. CaterBook will run on any PC, Mac or other internet connected device that is in good working order. We don't recommend using Windows XP after March 2014 due to it no longer being supported by Mocrosoft for security updates..

Yes, passwords allowing different levels of access to the program and are easily set up for each member of staff.

Rooms can be grouped so that all charges appear on one invoice, and conversely it is even possible to have multiple accounts in one room, so if contractors were sharing a triple room you can raise 3 individual bills.

Yes, this is already automated in the online systems.

Getting onto the system via another device shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem!

Yes, all bills can be allocated to a company account. If more than one person from a company is staying you can put it all on the same invoice.

This can be seen in various reports, and within many other screens in the system.


Use Add and Delete to customise your list as you require. You can add as many or as few items as you need.

Your tariff systems are included for advertised breaks and offers.


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