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Link your EPOS tills to a modern cloud based Hotel PMS


Simple is beautiful

Having invested in your EPOS system, wouldn't it be nice to be able to link in with your Hotel PMS, so that food and drink from the restaurant or bar can be charged to the guests room bill, and settled on departure?

CaterBook is able to do exactly that at a fraction of the cost of many comparable systems - whilst at the same time giving you the freedom to choose which till system is right for your property.

We don't have an "in house" EPOS system that we force you to use, but instead provide interfaces to the leading platforms available in the market.

So whether you use EPOSNow, ICR Touch, Vectron, Casio QT6000, Fidelity GPOS, WaiterPOS, Quantum, ECR - we can work with a whole range of different hardware providers and have food and drink items posted automatically to the guest's bill for an additional £20 per month.

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