CaterBook Hotel Booking Software … The Simple AND Sophisticated
Hotel Booking Software!

A simple and sophisticated Online ⁄ In-house Booking system for B&B's, Guest Houses, Serviced Apartments and Hotels!


Features & Benefits…

Just some of the functions built in to CaterBook:

CaterBook V4 is a fully integrated, single system, comprising reception desk software, web booking engine and channel manager. Pricing and availability is controlled in one central point, significantly reducing the time it will take you to manage your bookings. Being cloud based, you can access CaterBook from any web enabled device, including PC, Mac and modern tablet like an iPad or Nexus.

CaterBook supports multiple rateplans per room type along with true last minute and early bird rates! Corporate clients can automatically be assigned preferential rates, and you can offer promotional discount codes on your website. Our payment gateway integration with Payment Express enables you to charge credit cards in real time when a guest is booking, either online or over the phone, and you can easily track payments and raise invoices.

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  • FAST! Enter your bookings on one screen in seconds. Automatically add guests to the customer database, and retrieve their contact information on rebooking.
  • Quotation creation and transfer to a booking
  • One click email confirmation, printing of invoices, guest registration forms and parking permits.
  • Automatic and modifiable tariff calculations which vary by customer type, occupancy, day of the week, season.
  • Variable deposit handling
  • Automatic availability calculation which is passed on to the web and OTA's.
  • Virtual Rooms. Map an adjacent twin and a double together as a family suite. Group together and sell all your rooms for wedding parties etc.
  • Multiple simultaneous staff access at no extra cost, logging ‘who-did-what’ with different access levels for managers and staff.
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  • Enter a new booking
  • Amend existing bookings
  • Add a payment
  • Review pricing

(If you would like to request access to a higher level owner/manager login to view all features, please contact us.)

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